Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gilgamore's Journal - Nine Hundredth and Seventy-Third Entry

Decades have passed since last I made two entries in these pages over the course of a single year... now I find myself adding a new observation on an almost daily basis. Every effort I have made to refute these newfounded fears has met with failure.

We never understood the nature of the Barrier. We described it in theory and found no evidence to dispute those theories. We fell so far short of understanding. The threat will never fade. Our Refuge, wonderful that it is, will forever be under siege - I boasted in my youth that such a fate was preferable, when I imagined that my own years would be more than a tear drop in the sea.

The Pact has never been more important to our peoples. Alas, that which saves can, in intemperate measure, kill.

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