Monday, November 7, 2011

Log of the Final Aayrn Attack as accounted by the Captain of Guardians

It has been two weeks since we laid to rest the last of the Brevin. In the days proceeding that and preceding this, nothing on the far side of the gates has stirred. Today was different. I have never seen the Aayrn, or any living thing, gather in such numbers... they sensed a change in the boundary between Refuge and the Other side, that which our former Guardians called the Barrier of the Pact. They came in droves, spilling out into a horde surrounding each gate. They threw themselves at the barrier that had so long held them at bay as though it were a wall unseen... and they burned. They shattered. It was not decimation, but devastation. All of those that came against the Gates of our Refuge this day have perished. The passing of the Last Brevin has changed the nature of the Barrier a great deal, it seems.

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